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Mistral Pediatric Medical Device Consortium

The MISTRAL Pediatric medical device consortium is a collaborative initiative between Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Stanford University, and SRI International.

This initiative, known as MISTRAL (Multidisciplinary Initiative for Surgical Technology Research—Advanced Laboratory), was launched in 2007 to overcome many of the barriers to surgical device development through integrated design teams of engineers, clinicians, and business partners. The MISTRAL consortium brings together clinical, engineering, and business talent and expertise from around the world to develop new approaches and models to develop pediatric medical devices.

Market and regulatory concerns often prevent medical-device companies from investing in pediatric-specific device development. Often size-appropriate devices that specifically address pediatric diseases are simply not available, leaving some practitioners with no choice but to use adult devices on kids and to improvise solutions.

The goal of MISTRAL Pediatric is to catalyze the development of devices tailored to children’s needs by performing the initial R&D, partnering with industry, and identifying paths to market for pediatric devices that are desperately needed.

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